Who Are We And What Is Our Goal

We created External Strength to help people become their best version of themselves, become more confident with their body and achieve their goals.

On our website, we hire only qualified professional trainers, who created the content of the website. They will help you reaching your goals by consulting, recommend you on the best products, and will online train you!

One of our top priorities is to provide you the best service in order to make your journey easier and more productive. In order to do that, you can ALWAYS contact us in our live chat, send us an email, send us a message on our Facebook/Instagram page, or provide us with your phone number on the contact us page and we will give you a private call!

Our products

All of our the products on our site will be delivered only to the United States. (For other country delivery, contact us.) We provide you with the best quality products which will be delivered directly to your home! All of the products in the site are picked by our professional trainers, to give you the best experience possible and to get the best results from your training.